About EGM

All of us at Ethnographic Media are humbled by the awesome power of a human story. Behind the most tumultuous of circumstances, there’s often an ordinary person who can offer a rare glimpse of suffering and conflict. We believe sharing these stories through film is the single most powerful way to shine a light on the critical issues of our time. The result is a growing number of young adults ready for dialog and prepared for change.

EGM is unlike other filmmakers. Our purpose is to serve by sharing true stories that take on the most difficult subjects: HIV/AIDS, the conflict in the Holy Land, and the taking of life in the Amazon. Future projects include films about school shootings and human trafficking. And we do not flinch when it comes to presenting raw subject matter or raising difficult questions.

  Can a lost people begin to walk God’s trail? Beyond the Gates of Splendor (2002)
  Is man in control? End of the Spear (2006)
  Do the choices we make matter? The Grandfathers (2009)
  Can the stigma of HIV/AIDS be overcome? Miss HIV (2007)
  Will a nonviolence movement bring lasting peace? Little Town of Bethlehem (2010)

Finding answers to these questions is an integral part of our journey. Just as we yield to the individuals directly involved to share their perspective; we leave much of the search for understanding in the hands of those who engage in our films.

EGM films all share a common thread of ordinary people finding themselves compelled to lead extraordinary lives, often amid suffering and strife. The stories we find are global in nature, and not because we have gone to the ends of the earth to produce them. For us, global are the human moments that resonate with people no matter their race, creed, or country of origin. The notions of forgiveness, equality, and self-discovery are universal. They transcend culture and language.

Our primary audience is 18- to 25-year-olds. Connectedness, purposefulness, and autonomy serve as their core values. These are young people with the technology and desire to enter into larger discussions of what it will take to achieve healing and wholeness.

EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) is an educational non-profit (501c3) collective of artists and filmmakers with experience in every form of filmmaking: documentaries, features, motion graphic animations, short films, and even music videos. Featuring award-winning writer and director Jim Hanon, EGM is ultimately a story of adventure — of peeling back the layers and discovering a story of hope that connects us all.

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