Tour Day Eleven: Finishing at UC Berkeley

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by EGM contributor Tim Stoner Our final screening is located inside a sprawling mansion, the oak paneled International House at UC Berkeley. It was established by Harry Edmonds in 1930, with financial assistance from John D. Rockefeller, and became the first coeducational residence west of the Mississippi.

Tour Day Ten: George Lucas Building at USC

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by EGM contributor Tim Stoner We arrive early for the donor event Thursday evening in the George Lucas Building at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, which is sponsoring tonight’s screening. The co-sponsors are Biola University and Azusa Pacific. The building George Lucas built is gorgeous, with lovely arches, quiet courtyards, and comfortable theaters.

Tour Day Nine: Oklahoma Christian University

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by EGM contributor Tim Stoner More news about the Jewish Boat to Gaza has been filtering in to us. According to Israel’s Ynet News, an unnamed ministry official stated that Yonatan Shapira “has joined the ranks of Hamas.” We are watching in real time the heavy cost of engaging in non-violent resistance

Tour Day Eight: Wayne State University

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by EGM contributor Tim Stoner We have been waiting to hear word about the progress of the Jewish Boat to Gaza. This morning it arrives. Hours that morning, the Irene, Yonatan’s boat, was intercepted by the Israeli Navy 18 miles away from Gaza.

Tour Day Seven: DePaul University Commons

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by EGM contributor Tim Stoner Today Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch joined the tour. On the hour-long bus ride into Chicago from our hotel in the western suburbs, he fills us in on his life and livelihood back in Israel, as well as his current situation, living and working in here in the United States.

Tour Day Six: At the Home of Bill & Lynne Hybels

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Late this morning, we received an update on Yonatan. His small boat was sailing from the island of Cyprus with a small crew heading toward Gaza and into the teeth of a three-year-long military blockade.