Director’s Commentary: Story

Little Town of Bethlehem – Director’s Commentary by Jim Hanon

About Jim Hanon – Director

Jim Hanon is filmmaker and Artist in residence at EGM Films. As film director and screenwriter, he is the creative force behind Little Town of Bethlehem (2010), The Grandfathers (2010), Miss HIV (2007), End of the Spear (2006), and Beyond the Gates of Splendor (2004).

Hanon’s career has included being a vice president at Leo Burnett, co-founding Hanon McKendry and Compass Arts, and serving as chief creative officer of Every Tribe Entertainment. He has won numerous international, national, and regional awards for creative achievement.

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  • Diana Hadley

    I am very excited about seeing this film.
    I am a fan of “End of the Spear,” so my expectations are great.

    I teach a class about nonviolent movements at Franklin College.

    Diana Hadley

  • Jim Hanon

    Thanks for the note Diana. The September launch tour is really taking shape and I will be with the protagonist of the film doing panel discussions with the screenings. I hope your non-violence class can see the film at Franklin.
    Shalom, Saalam,
    Jim Hanon

  • Stephen Davis

    I saw a screening of this at UNC Greensboro on September 23rd. I thought it was an amazing depiction of what is a heart-wrenching situation. I have been following this conflict for the last several years and I am glad to see the focus turn toward nonviolent activists. Thanks so much for this film.