Global Voices of Nonviolence Expands Far Beyond Time and Place

Global Voices of Nonviolence (GVON) is an initiative that draws special attention to the 12-day period between the United Nations International Day of Peace (9/21) and the United Nations International Day of Nonviolence (10/2).

For the past two years, EGM used launch tours, film screenings, and special events to focus the world’s attention on nonviolence, peace, humanity, equality, love, and hope. This year, Global Voices of Nonviolence included scores of people, events, organizations, programs, and resources dedicated to nonviolence as a path to peace and a greater humanity.

EGM’s president Bill Oechsler observes, “Global Voices of Nonviolence offers a single place where both the curious and committed can come to experience peacemaking on a global scale. Some will be informed and others inspired. It is our hope that many will be moved toward loving action.”

Specifically, Global Voices of Nonviolence offers a platform for sharing stories through various media and personal encounters. Already a dedicated website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, and a blog have been created to introduce participants, showcase efforts, share resources, facilitate dialogue, capture stories, highlight events, and invite engagement.

Please come and experience for yourself Global Voices of Nonviolence.

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