Global Voices of Nonviolence Gets People Talking

EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) set aside the 12 days between the United Nations International Day of Peace (9/21) and United Nations International Day of Nonviolence (10/2) to ignite and facilitate an important global conversation. This signaled the most visible, aggressive, and expansive effort EGM had ever undertaken on such a timely and relevant topic: Nonviolence can be the path to peace and greater humanity not just in the Middle East but also throughout the world.

The following are a few highlights from these incredible 12 days:

Global Voices of Nonviolence (GVON) kicked off at The Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, D.C. Co-sponsored by CUA’s Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies, the event included a VIP reception, Little Town of Bethlehem screening, and dynamic panel discussion. A companion launch event was held in the United Kingdom at All Hallows Church, London Wall.
Little Town of Bethlehem premiered online at, the world’s largest multi-faith inspiration and spirituality website. EGM offered “screenings without borders” to this global audience via on-demand access to our film, the panel discussion, and more. A sampling of the diverse mix of participating groups and organizations included Arlington United Methodist Church, Cal State Fullerton, The Citadel, Church of Evanston, Holy Cross, The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, Niner United Campus Ministry, Nyack College, Pepperdine University, The Richard Mauthe Center, Rutgers University, St. Paul’s Church, Tools for Solidarity in Belfast, University of Maryland, Virginia Tech University, and the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches.
A capstone event for Global Voices of Nonviolence was held at Dublin’s Trinity College hosted by the Irish School of Ecumenics.
Global Voices of Nonviolence was promoted through an integrated campaign using direct mail, email, PR, online advertising, social media, word-of-mouth, and grassroots efforts.

GVON in Words and Pictures

  We are very pleased to have a chance to co-sponsor this important conversation! The current generation of young people is confronted on one hand by a world defined by violence and repression and on the other by telltales of possibility for transcending that sad reality—as we have seen in the flowering of the Arab Spring sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to Global Voices of Nonviolence for lending real vision to the possibility of a world without violence.  
  Stephen S. Schneck, Ph.D.  
  Director, Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies  
  The Catholic University of America  
  GVON Host  
  It is so moving to be part of this project as we acknowledge our differences and realize that we all have a story to share. Little Town of Bethlehem offers us an opportunity to spark discussions about the need for nonviolence. It humanizes everyone from each side of the issue so we can understand each other’s pain.  
  Paul Raushenbush  
  Senior Religion Editor, The Huffington Post  
  GVON Panel Discussion Moderator  
  Each of the religions represented here, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, share fundamental beliefs—to love God above all else and to love others as ourselves. As Muslims, we believe in divine accountability.  
  Anas Malik, Ph.D.  
  Associate Professor, Xavier University  
  GVON Panelist  
  Violence is never the answer. Nonviolence is the only option. We need to hear voices beyond our own communities—this is where the real work begins.  
  Sami Awad  
  Executive Director, Holy Land Trust  
  GVON Panelist  
  Never before has the message of nonviolence been given such a powerful and expansive platform.  
  Lynne Hybels  
  Author, Speaker, and Advocate for Peace with Justice  

While we have accomplished much since first launching Little Town of Bethlehem one year ago, we know our work has just begun. And we need your help! Through your generous support, we can expand and elevate this important conversation. More importantly, we can reach, engage, and encourage our youth through authentic examples of principled decision-making and authentic faith in action. Please consider a gift to EGM today. Your investment will pay dividends for generations to come.

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