Little Town of Bethlehem at the London Pentecost Festival

EGM Films is pleased to announce that Little Town of Bethlehem will be showing in London as a part of the Pentecost Festival, held Saturday, June 11 in Westminster.

The Pentecost Festival, hosted by journalist Ben White and held in central London, is a celebration of the diverse communities in London and includes arts, music, drama, comedy, sports, and film. Pentecost celebrates the birth of the church, and is intended to represent the multiculturalism and diversity of the Christian Faith.

The film showing begins at 3:00 PM, June 11, at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. Admission is free.

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Little Town of Bethlehem, an award winning documentary film, tells the story of a courageous commitment to nonviolence that is uniting Palestinians and Israelis.

Interested in hosting your own screening of Little Town of Bethlehem? Click here for more details.

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