Little Town of Bethlehem Featured at the Chicago Palestine Film Festival

Little Town of Bethlehem, from award-winning director Jim Hanon and executive producer Mart Green, was selected from a multitude of submissions by teams in the US, Europe, and the Middle East for the 2011 Chicago Palestine Film Festival.

The showing is scheduled for Sunday, April 24, at 5:15 p.m. at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.

Jim Hanon on the film’s unique perspective: “Little Town of Bethlehem doesn’t focus on who’s right or who’s wrong. Rather, it shows what it truly means and ultimately takes to love one’s enemies. Images of men, women, and children standing firm in the face of overwhelming opposition are as inspirational as the words, thoughts, and actions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi that all three of the film’s subjects recalled during filming.” You can view the trailer here.

Held April 15-18, the Chicago Palestine Film Festival is an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian local effort designed to showcase films either created by Palestinians or about Palestine. The latter category may include non-Palestinian filmmakers. CPFF is committed to providing a film festival that honestly reflects the life and culture of the region and its people as captures through the thoughtful, critical, and creative eye of each filmmaker.

The full-length documentary shares the gripping story of three men—a Palestinian Muslim, a Palestinian Christian, and an Israeli Jew—each born into violence but willing to risk everything to bring an end to violence in their lifetime. Little Town of Bethlehem was filmed on location in the West Bank, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem with a hope of bringing awareness to a growing nonviolent movement in the Holy Land that rarely, if ever, makes international headlines.

Interested in hosting a screening? Click here to learn how you can host a screening at your school or non-profit organization.

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  • Jan Miller

    A group of folks in Denver are interested in hosting a Palestinian film festival in the fall. What are the requirements for a screening of your film?

    I’ve watched the trailier. Is there a way we can preview the whole film?

  • EGM Films

    Hello Jan,

    Someone from EGM Films will contact you. In the mean time, you can get more information about hosting a screening here:

    Thank you for your interest in this important film.


    EGM Films