Lots of Recognition for Little Town of Bethlehem

Over the past six months EGM’s Little Town of Bethlehem has been selected to be screened at numerous film festivals and other events, receiving top honors at two of the film festivals.

Official Selections, Exclusive Screenings
National and international film festivals and other events are recognizing the quality of EGM’s films with a growing number of screening invitations. Little Town of Bethlehem was selected for such diverse venues as the Life And Death Matters Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Chicago Palestinian Film Festival, John Paul II International Film Festival, Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival (DocUtah), Arizona State University Film Festival and Symposium, Wild Goose Festival, Heartland Film Festival, Gandhi-King Peace Conference, Missions Fest Film Festival, deadCENTER Film Festival, Pentecost Festival, Grand Rapids Film Festival, and San Francisco Film Festival.

Reel Rose Award, John Paul II International Film Festival
In February, Little Town of Bethlehem received the Reel Rose Award for best documentary film at the John Paul II International Film Festival held in Miami, Florida. It was also nominated for the audience choice award.

The John Paul II festival plays host to faith-based filmmakers and creative artists from around the world. It was inspired by the ideals and vision of Pope John Paul II as articulated in his influential 1999 Letter to Artists challenging them to respond to the world’s need for truth, love, and peace through the use of art.

In its third year, the festival brought together feature films and shorts along with ten documentaries, one of which was EGM’s. This year’s festival took on even greater significance for the nonviolence message of Little Town of Bethlehem in light of Pope Benedict’s call for a peace summit to halt violence between religions.

“We are humbled to receive this honor,” says director Jim Hanon. “Just knowing that we were selected out of a multitude of submissions from around the world is very encouraging.”

Best Oklahoma Film, deadCENTER Film Festival
Little Town of Bethlehem was recognized with the Best Oklahoma Film award at the deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City. The June festival showcased more than 100 films from diverse perspectives appealing to a wide variety of tastes, ranging from hilarious comedies and inspiring, thought-provoking documentaries to visionary shorts and offbeat musicals.

“It’s an incredible honor to have a film that was made some 6,000 miles away recognized right here in EGM’s home state,” says director Jim Hanon. Underscoring Little Town of Bethlehem’s ability to raise hope for a nonviolent solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, Hanon says the film raises the question, “Might love be the greatest weapon of all?”

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