Music Video (Arabic)

“My Little Town”, Written and Performed by Basel Zayed; Lyrics by Amer Badran

Basel Zayed’s Bio – Basel Zayed was born in Jerusalem in 1979. He discovered his vocal talent at the age of 12 and sang in many school events, parties and other musical events. At the age of 14 he began studying piano with Issa Boulos and continued with Mrs. Jamila Khayyat.

He soon gave up the piano in favor of the Oud, which was to become his second instrument after his voice. Under the direction of Khaled Jubran, Zayed studied Oud and sang in the classical Arabic Choir of the National Conservatory of Music (now known as the Edward Said Conservatory of Music). There he met Ahmad El-Khateeb who became his Oud teacher for almost two years. Following his study in the National Conservatory, Zayed started studying music composition and harmony in the Magnificent Institute for Holy Music in Jerusalem.

Zayed started his own music career as a composer and singer, training many groups such as ‘Sanabel’ at Bir Zeit University, and the First Ramallah Group of Music. He formed ‘Yalalan’ for Arabic music and started ‘Turab’ musical group. ‘Turab’ (‘soil’ in Arabic) is a group of young musicians from a variety of different backgrounds who share a passion for contemporary Arabic music inspired by classical maqamat or scales. The group plays Zayed’s compositions, which deal with Palestinians’ experiences in their struggle for a nation.

  • Title: My Little Town
  • Artist: Basel Zayed
  • Film: Little Town of Bethlehem


  • Directed & Edited by Jim Hanon.
  • Graphic Design by Mike Galloway.
  • Animation by Brooks McGinnis, Brent Whitsett, and Evan Brandell.


Zayed’s website:

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    Hey that was awesome, really neat!

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    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apeprciation.

  • Richard Hudson

    Your music is beautiful. I don’t speak any Arabic though, so I can’t follow a word of the song! Is there an English translation available?

  • EGM Films

    There may be an English translation somewhere, but we don’t have one. Sorry.