One-of-a-Kind Tour Launches 300+ Film Screenings

EGM released its award-winning documentary Little Town of Bethlehem—not in movie theaters, but on hundreds of college campuses. And if that wasn’t unconventional enough, the educational nonprofit film company orchestrated a coast-to-coast, 13-day, 9-city tour to kick off the United States launch. The tour began on the U.N. International Day of Peace (9/21) and continued through the U.N. International Day of Nonviolence (10/2).

Informally dubbed “From Boston to Berkeley,” screening venues for this innovative launch tour included Boston College, Brown University, The Riverside Theatre, Georgetown University, the National Cathedral, DePaul University, Wayne State University, Oklahoma Christian University, University of Southern California, and the University of California Berkeley. What is even more heartening is that these represented but a fifth of all Little Town of Bethlehem screenings held worldwide during this time period.

Hosts and sponsors alike were pleased with the film and accompanied screening program, as well as post-screening panel discussions. Commented Eve Spangler, associate professor of sociology at Boston College, “This new educational documentary is an excellent catalyst for more discussion regarding peace and the nonviolence peace movement. Our students benefit from dialog with people not so much older than themselves who have made the difficult choice to pursue justice nonviolently amid violence.”

Rajmohan Gandhi adds, “It [Little Town of Bethlehem] is compelling, frank, and hope-giving. It will influence minds and ought to be seen by millions of Americans.” He is a research professor at the University of Illinois and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

EGM’s desire and approach to reach a global youth audience with its films blended with the relevance and timeliness of this specific film to garner the attention of diverse media outlets. The launch tour and documentary film were prominently featured by FOX NEWS, The Oklahoman, Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, The Jewish Chronicle, Palestinian News Network, USA Radio Daily News, and many more.

Visit the Little Town of Bethlehem website screenings page for more information on hosting or attending a screening.

Now available on DVD: From Boston to Berkeley: The U.S. Launch of Little Town of Bethlehem and Voices of Nonviolence, which were both filmed live on location.

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