Host a Screening of Little Town of Bethlehem

WE AT EGM FILMS STRONGLY BELIEVE that people everywhere need to see this film. As an educational nonprofit we’re doing our part by providing an opportunity for you to obtain a non-expiring screening license at minimal cost. Hundreds of organizations around the world have hosted public screenings of Little Town of Bethlehem and/or used it in classes. We’re asking you to join them and keep the momentum going.

Follow four simple steps to provide the optimal educational opportunity for your audience. These steps are based on years of experience hosting our own screenings. Our involvement continues after you purchase a license; we’ll provide customizable resources and expert coaching to help you facilitate your own successful screening experience.

START your journey today by purchasing the appropriate public screening license (sample license): $100 U.S. for a nonprofit organization or church; $150 U.S. for a college, university, or other organization.
After you purchase a license, we will ship a screening kit to you (pictured below) that contains the film DVD, an education guide, and CDs that have everything you need to promote your event and facilitate a successful screening experience.
Screening Kit for Little Town of Bethlehem
SCHEDULE your screening using the button below if you’re hosting a public event. When you schedule a screening after buying a license, it appears on our website screening map for others to find. Don’t worry if you don’t have a firm date and time; you can confirm the details later.
If you already own an active screening license and would like to schedule another screening, also use the button below.
Once you schedule an event, we will send you four coaching emails at specific intervals leading up to your event date that are designed to help you facilitate a successful screening experience. You can also read our online guide, “How to Host a Successful Film Screening Event.”
SET UP YOUR PANEL. The most effective public screening events include knowledgeable panel speakers to address questions following the film. Build or supplement your panel as needed from our list of panel speakers.
HAVE DVDS AVAILABLE. We want to make it affordable for you to offer DVDs at your screening events so people can take the story home with them. You may purchase any quantity Little Town of Bethlehem DVDs at 60% off the EGM Store price, or less than $7.00 per DVD, which gives you the opportunity to offer the DVDs at a price that helps you recoup some of your costs. EGM pays the shipping when you buy five or more DVDs. Once you purchase a license, we’ll provide the details on how to get this discount.
Preview Little Town of Bethlehem PREVIEW the film. If you would like to preview Little Town of Bethlehem in its entirety and/or receive more information about the film from an EthnoGraphic Media staff member, click the button below. After you fill out the form, you will be provided with online access to Little Town of Bethlehem for ten days, giving you and your colleagues the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the film.
  Showing people changing their minds especially when they come from such opposite backgrounds helps others embrace the message that they can change.  
  Dr. Varun Soni  
  Dean of USC Office of Religious Life