The Final Goal?

Eilda Zaghmout of Holy Land Trust shares her personal experiences and her ideas of the final goal of the nonviolence movement in Israel and Palestine.

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  • Diane Morrow

    I truely appreciate Eilda’s message and I hope more people can hear this.

  • Gandiva Naismith


  • anobserver

    Not everything is factually correct….first of all, the first intifada wasn’t completely “non-violent”, as stone-throwing does cause deaths. Second of all, the violence between Arabs and Jews in the area was going on way before even the founding of the State of Israel….. take the 1929 riots were Jews were murdered in Jaffo, Safed, and Hebron….way before there was any type of Jewish violence against Arabs. Also the riots of 1936-1939….Arab terror against Jews existed long before 1948.

  • Chuck

    I appreciate the courage of those who choose non-violence and pray that the Prince of Peace will reward their efforts. <