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Little Town of Bethlehem, the Trailer, EGM Films

Sami, Ahmad, Yonatan come from radically different backgrounds in a land of unending war. Yet, against all odds, including some within their Israeli and Palestinian communities, they are able to find common ground. They walk a path of nonviolence struggle in lockstep with Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. For them courage is found not in taking up arms, but setting them down once and for all and extending a hand in peace.

From the award-winning team that brought you End of the Spear (2006) and Miss HIV (2007) comes director Jim Hanon’s latest documentary, Little Town of Bethlehem. Unscripted and unrehearsed, discover the humanity lurking behind an ancient cycle of violence.

Featuring: Sami Awad, Ahmad Al’Azzeh, Yonatan Shapira. Music Produced by: Kirk Whalum. Film Design by: Mike Galloway and Mark Arnold. Produced by: Mart Green. Written, Directed and Filmed by: Jim Hanon. Feature running time: Approximately 77 minutes. This film is rated PG-13, Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13, for some violent and disturbing images.

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  • Susan Varani

    I believe that Y’w'h-God-Allah wills that all human beings love one another with a compassionate, other-centered love. That love seems to be the root feeling, attitude, and intention of this film. If so, I pray that its message is heard and lived, and I commend the courage of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian parties who gave it form. I hope and plan to see the film.

    • Rachael

      I agree with your comment all but two things:

      (1) Muslims believe that Christians are polytheists because they believe in the trinity, and they will not even pray with them. So, the God of the Christians and the Jews is not the same as Allah.

      (2) God does want people to love one another, but, contrary to society’s teachings, that is not the most important thing we should strive towards.

      “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” -Matthew 22:37-40

      Please understand, I do not mean to be argumentative. You may have not meant it the way you said it. I understand what you meant, though. I had the same mentality once.

  • Tony Higginson

    I believe a film like this can go a long way in promoting tolerance and racial equaality. Jesus said, a new commandment I give is to love your neighbour as yourself. Your neighbour is a person who irrespective of their colour, faith and creed is entitled to be treated with decency and respect irrespctive of their faith and belief or none belief for we are to become races without faces

  • Eliz.

    I also see that the description speaks of, ” Israeli Jew, a Palestinian Christian, and a Palestinian Muslim”. The country is called Israel. The people have a right to name their country by its ancient name, Israel. The word Palestine is a name given to Israel by her enemies–it means Philistine. The Christians and Muslim citizens are Israeli. They may be Arab Israeli or Muslim Israeli or Christian Israeli but they are Israeli just as a Jew in Iraq or Iran is an Iraqi Jew or Jewish Iranian. Only against the Jews is the outrage like this perpetrated. The intention is to foster the untruth that this is not the Israelite’s land–that they took it away from some people called Palestinians.

    Palestinians are Jews (Israelites) living in their own land during the Roman empire when that “nickname” was given the land. The Arabs emigrated from other Arab countries joining the tiny minority of Arabs in Israel. There has never been in all history a people, a state called Palestine. This was a clever public relations ploy created by the Arab Muslim leaders after they attacked the infant state of Israel in 1948. This is the same time that they told all their Muslim brothers and sisters, leave Israel now so we can attack and destroy the Jews. The Jews said, don’t leave, we are friends. Many Arabs left so their Muslim brothers could destroy Israel. These same people want to come back now.

    While the Muslim Arab countries have refused to assimilate the now several hundred thousand Arabs who are in camps, the Israelis have assimilated several hundred thousnd of the Jews who have been persecuted in Muslim countries or were expelled with all their possessions and lands confiscated.

    The Arab nations refused to assimilate the Muslim Arabs who left Israel at their command because they are far more valuable as a public relations tool of propaganda. The alternative would have been humane and loving: assimilate the people into the hundreds of millions in your populations in the many countries over the vast extent of Muslim Middle East–similar to the kindness of the tiny nation of Israel assimilating the same number of Jews into their small population. Wow, what a dramatic contrast in integrity and humanity.

  • Truth

    “As Israeli’s, we are actually joining the Palestinian non-violent struggle for liberation?” Really? Um, blowing up buses and cafe’s and stabbing babies is not non-violent, so I’m not sure what non-violent struggle Shapira thinks he’s joining. The “struggle for liberation” is a loaded term that sounds beautiful but is BS in reality and has NOTHING to do with MLK. Liberation to do what? MLK wanted little black and white children to live together in peace. That is NOT what this group wants. Shapira spread LIES about Israel all over the world. I saw his mural in Belfast claiming that Israel enjoys spilling the blood of Palestinian children. If they wanted to co-exist with Israel, they could have done so many times already, starting in 1948. Beware of movies like this and people like this who claim to be all about non-violence and equality but are truly about bringing a violent end to the state of Israel. Jesus was a faithful Jew who would NEVER support a manipulative movie like this in a million years.