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From Academic Leadership:

We welcome this well-made and important film on one of the most hopeful developments in our grim world: the inspiring courage of Palestinians in their nonviolent resistance.  This Bay-Area premiere should raise our consciousness — and our hopes.

Michael Nagler

Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

Founder of Peace and Conflict Studies Program

President of The Metta Center for Nonviolence Education

The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies is delighted to join with our other colleagues in Washington, DC, to host a screening of Little Town of Bethlehem.  This event dovetails with our objective of providing fair and balanced information about the Arab world by drawing attention to an important movement developing in one of the region’s most enduring conflicts. We look forward to an engaging and lively discussion with the film’s producers and cast members.

Dr. Barbara Stowasser

Director, Professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies

This new educational documentary is an excellent catalyst for more discussion regarding peace and the nonviolent peace movement. Our students benefit from dialogue with people not so much older than themselves who have made the difficult choice to pursue justice nonviolently amid violence.

Eve Spangler

Associate Professor of Sociology, Boston College

The screening of Little Town of Bethlehem at Hope College, for students and the community, was excellent. After the film was over, everyone applauded and gave the thumbs up.

Habeeb Awad

Professor and International Student Advisor, Hope College

In a time when terrorism, violence and corruption are at its peak and humanity is filled with anger and hatred, there is a need to be reminded on the value of non-violence.Little Town of Bethlehem is a remarkable tool to instill and inculcate an alternative for reconciliation and peace

Dr. Paul “Bobby” Gupta

President of Hindustan Bible Institute & College India

This was HIGHLY educational! The profound thing about the film is how the subtle message of the Prince of Peace is woven throughout as the answer to the crisis. The message he taught of loving one another is central. It showed the need to forgive and recognize the full humanity of the other and also be willing to sacrifice for the other. That was powerful.

Dr. Michael O’Neal

President of Oklahoma Christian University

From Religious Leadership:

People tend to have a shallow understanding about the conflict in the Middle East. I think this is an important film because it exposes people to the reality in a voice that creates much less antagonism than many others. Most impacting for me was the connection it made between the psychological trauma of the Holocaust and the existential fear of Israeli society. The three life stories allow the audience to feel the reality on an emotional not merely an intellectual level.

Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch

Peace Activist, Rabbi for Human Rights

Telling a good story is hard work. Telling a story that matters to history is even harder. “Little Town of Bethlehem” is both, and deserves a wide viewing in the parliaments and congresses of the world, in universities and colleges, in churches, synagogues and mosques. The eye-for-an-eye history of the Middle East is wrought of great grievances that are as old as the human race, but it is a fiction to think that there is any future without an honest willingness to be for each others’ histories and hopes– Jew, Muslim, and Christian together. The film is a passionate account of three people who have decided differently, and are laying down their lives for peace– and therefore for a future.

Dr. Steven Garber

The Washington Institute

I think every American—certainly every Christian—should watch this film!

Lynne Hybels

Author, Speaker and Advocate for Peace with Justice

Most films will entertain you. Good films will educate you as well. Brilliant films will engage and move you to action. Once in a while along comes a film that motivates you to become a participant rather than spectator. This is one of those rare films.

Stephen Sizer

Vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water UK

Remarkable! Stories of transformation are very powerful. Showing people changing their minds especially when they come from such opposite backgrounds helps others embrace the message that they can change. It is neither anti nor pro actually it is actually empathetic to both historic narratives. It humanizes a conflict that the media has dehumanized. It also helps provide a counter narrative to the popular storyline of violence.

Dr. Varun Soni

Dean of USC Office of Religious Life

From Activist Leadership:

Little Town of Bethlehem is a powerful movie that reframes the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At heart we see it is a conflict between those who use violence to achieve their goals and those who insist on nonviolence. This movie is effective in showing that Israelis and Palestinians occupy both groups. It encourages hope by telling the story of Israelis and Palestinians who are equally committed to the nonviolent struggle for equality and against the Israeli occupation.

Oded Na’aman

Harvard University Philosophy Student PhD Candidate and Former Israeli Defense Forces Commander

Very helpful! One of the barriers to reconciliation between Israel and Palestine has been fear. That can only be overcome by seeing in the other humanity capable of being loved. Little Town of Bethlehem gives us a context to show us how this is possible. This film also gives us a model of how we can extend to those we may have depersonalized the recognition of personhood.

Dr. Ralph Fertig

President of the Humanitarian Law Project

This movie touches on the most crucial aspect in the political reality of our country that continues to be ignored by the major organs of communication. It brings a much more precise and accurate depiction of the most important thing taking place in the Middle East.

Elik Elhanan

Israeli Member of Combatants for Peace, Columbia PhD student in Middle Eastern Studies

There are few subjects which bring up such strong – and polarized – reactions as the Israel-Palestine conflict. Many of us hope and pray for a breakthrough that will get us beyond the longstanding impasse of entrenched positions. Little Town of Bethlehem could help bring about such a breakthrough, showing us the nonviolent power of faith, hope, and love embodied in a Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew.

Brian McLaren

Author, Speaker, and Activist

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    Little Town of Bethlehem tells the age old story of how nonviolence can be more powerful than violence. The vivid narratives told by these three men combine into one powerful and inspirational story of promise and hope for a better world. The lessons of courage and nonviolence shared in this film can lead us from present violent conflicts, across historical barriers of religion, culture, and geography, to a future of peace and a beloved world community. A valuable tool for nonviolence educators and peace activists globally.
    Paul Bueno de Mesquita
    Professor and Driector
    Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies
    University of Rhode Island